the real mr excitement #F1 #NASCAR

Recently there has been a rash of people using the tag Mr Excitement to describe Kamui Kobyashi, or Kobykrashi as others have long called him, but to me that is something of a travesty. Continue reading

#F1 silly season re-visited

In the wake of the Korean GP and another good drive by Felipe Massa we hear that Ferrari are to retain him for 2013 and good for both sides. He’s a decent bloke and a decent driver so it’s good to have him confirmed for next year and Fernando has him firmly where he wants him having taken the team by the scruff of its neck very much as Michael did. On the other hand there is Nico Hulkenberg. Continue reading

whose turn next for pantomime villain? #F1

Earlier this year we had Pastor Maldonado cast in the role of the man in the black cloak, twirling his moustache whilst casting F1’s poor virgins out into the snow, chaining them to the railroad tracks or just punting them off into the boondocks, but now it is Romain Grosjean who has inherited the mantle. Continue reading

Lewis has done the right thing moving from McLaren #F1

Lewis did the right thing to leave McLaren and should be able to do so with his head held high. All this media nonsense about him having let McLaren down is just that; nonsense. Continue reading

Is Indy Racing about to push the self destruct button (again)? #Indycar

Let’s be clear from the start; I love IndyCars and have done so for nearly 50 years.

Growing up in the UK in the 50s and early 60s Indy racing was not much on my radar until 1964 when coverage on that tragic opening lap made international news. One of my heroes was Dan Gurney and through following his exploits I started to get a bit more into USAC racing generally over the next year or so and Graham Hill, another hero, winning in ’66 brought more interest. Continue reading

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