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Playing at 007

The Aston Martin DB5 was a favourite car before the James Bond connection and although I actually like the look of the DB6 better they are both cars that I wanted to experience and now I have managed to have a go in the former.

The DB 5 operated by Car Chase Heroes is done up as a Bond car with the appropriate number plate and all of the switches and buttons in the arm rest although it does not have the full kit; no machine guns for example.

On first experience it is heavy and, without power steering, needs a bit of effort to get out of its parking space, but once rolling it is fine. I had been warned that the front brake discs and pads were new that morning so late breaking was not an option, but I only wanted to drive it.

Out on the Bicester Heritage test track it was a joy. The engine pulled well and with a nice growl. My 6’2″ and eighteen stone made it a tight fit in the cockpit and there was not a lot of elbow room, but I was otherwise very comfortable. You can see the video of my drive below.


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  1. […] can see the drive in a post on one of our other blogs here. The venue was the test track at Bicester Heritage and the event was run by Car Chase […]

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