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Research; our approach

Opinions are free, but facts are gold.

We do offer our opinions here in some posts, but when it comes to the things we write as Setting the Record Straight pieces then we try to avoid opinion and do the research so that we can give you straight facts.

In most cases we are writing about things that happened many years ago and the truth can be hard to get at. We often read interviews with people who were around at the time and find that what they say now does not agree with what they said at the time, but memories can become vague and interviews may be sanitised by the needs of the interviewer; maybe a sponsor. We try to use such material carefully and triangulate it from multiple sources.

Aside from the internet we have an extensive library of books, magazines and programs, along with the ones that we have for sale, on which to draw. We are careful in our use of the internet, especially Wikipedia, because sources are often inaccurate.

We also try to use care in our choices of source. Writers like Jenks, Gregor Grant, Henry Manney and Brock Yates were generally accurate in what they wrote, but they would, in the needs of the story and available space, not tell you everything. Photos can be wrongly captioned and typos can slip through, so we check and check again to try and be as accurate as we can. If you find a mistake then we will be happy to hear from you, especially if you can show us proof that we are wrong.

We are not trying to re-write history; just trying to make sure that it is correctly recorded.

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