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A J Foyt vs Eddie Sachs for the 1961 Indy 500

A great video short from  the 1961 Indy 500 with contemporary comments. Watch it here.

AJ had a great car and looked to have the upper hand in his duel with Eddie Sachs, but fueling problems on what should have been his last stop meant that he would have to come in for a splash and dash. That gave Eddie Sachs about a thirty second lead and his best shot at winning the race he loved so  much, but he didn’t back his pace off and the wear strip became visible on his right front.

To stay out and risk a crash or come in for tyres and bank second place money? He pitted for tyres and took the runner up spot. Three years later he would lose his life on the first lap of the 1964 race and the Clown Prince of Auto Racing was gone.

Read Sid Collins eulogy for Eddie Sachs.


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