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might it be a wet race down under? Australian GP coming up

Down under, the race marshals and corner workers are being briefed ready for next weekend’s fun and frolics.

“G’ day folks. Let’s all have a good one and get this one into the books with no damage, and we can all get off to the Barbie. Now we should get through with no worries, but the V8 blokes will probably get a bit involved in their thrash and we might have to break sweat there. Probably some sweeping up to do afterwards whatever.

Now with the F1, we all want Webbo to take a win, but no partisan stuff, OK? Keep your eyes out for the bloke in the silver car with the red helmet though; we’ve had trouble with him down here before, but he’s been looking a bit past it, so make sure you’ve got your blue flags ready for when the quick blokes are lapping him.

Now we’re not expecting anything on the terrorist front, and the security blokes have got all that well covered, but we do have one special warning that we need you to keep your eyes open for. We’re heard that there may be this little old guy; apparently he thinks that a sudden wet patch on the track might liven things up, so watch out in case he might try urinating on the track at some point. Never mind how good his credentials look, if he tries to slip by you just chuck him back over the fence.”


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