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who’s that behind me? mirrors on #F1 cars

Given all of the technology that goes with a modern F1 car why are we still using rear view mirrors that have not advanced much since the early days of city to city grand prix races? The mirrors on a modern F1 car are probably inferior to the one Ray Harroun had to fit to his 1911 Indy Marmon Wasp.

These days a number of family cars have a rear facing CCTV camera for reversing, as to many commercial vehicles so, if we can have high quality TV transmission views from rear facing cameras, why can’t the driver?To distracting? Nonsense, they could lose a few buttons off the steering wheel if that is genuinely the case. After all the pit wall term could switch them to “engine map green” or whatever just as easily as telling the driver to do that over the radio.

Sure there would be problems with the rain; many of us can remember a certain Brazilian driver catching Brundle in the rain i Australia a few years back. We saw him literally as he hit, and Button would have had a similar problem with the spray obscuring any view from a camera in Canada last week, but what about all the GPS tracking on the cars to run the timing systems? Surely they could adapt that to provide a proximity warning?

The technical solutions to these problems are already available and, to one way or another, in use so why don’t the FIA and the teams sort out a standard and make it happen?

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