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Inaugural Indian Grand Prix 2011

We were astonished to read in the row about import tax for the F1 teams that the Indian Government do not regard their inaugural F1 event as having “National Importance”.

Now we understand that this has been said in the context of whether or not to grant a temporary tax expemption certificate for the Grand Prix as a sporting event, and therefore that the remark could be being viewed out of context, but it seems strange that they see things that way.

The motoring market in India is exploding and the country has had two grand prix drivers in recent years, both of whom had the talent to be on the grand prix grid even if both have been outed by others with bigger wallets perhaps. One of them will be on the grid when the circus rolls into the country later this year. They also have their own F1 team, and one that isn’t doing too badly either.

And there seems to be a genuine exitement amongst the fans in the country, unlike other recent additions to the GP calendar where the TV cameras reveal acres of vacant viewing areas we believe that there will be a good crown at New Dehli this October.

Here at MotorsportMania we wish the Indian nation well for their inaugural GP. We think that it has national importance and hope that they have a great race. All power to them.

And good luck to Karun Chandhok in his Lotus.


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