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#F1 should not go to Bahrain

The debate over Bahrain rumbles on, but I still believe that it should be cancelled. Arguments over whether or not the team personnel will be safe or not are, for me, spurious. The real issue is around the people.

Sure we should try to keep politics out of sport, but here we are allowing sport into politics as the F1 circus helps to prop up a regime that is not being too nice to its people. I am sure that there will be no risk of riots or disruption as any such activity will be brutally suppressed, so of course the teams will be safe there.

As I said here the other week, if the race does go ahead we will ignore it completely. It may not be much of a protest, but it is all I have to offer. Short of a bunch of chaps barging in and holding my eyes open in front of the TV I don’t see what they can do about it. Mind you, I wouldn’t put it past them; I think I might just go out for the day.


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