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so what’s new for sale at DriverJohn then?

Despite the problems with Gloucester Antiques Centre we are still very much in business. Amongst what we have for sale at the moment there are a number of aviation related collectibles from BOAC, Pan Am, American Airlines and others, mostly from the 1960s and 1970s, but some 1950s and some contemporary. Many of these have been listed on our eBay store and there are some more to come, so do click the link on our eBay site to subscribe for updates.

We also have a number of aviation and railway books that would have gone into Gloucester, but we are listing some of them on eBay so as to get them in front of potential buyers. We do have a large stock so please ask if there is something that you are looking for.

A number of vintage collectible car badges are in stock. Some are on eBay, some locked away at Gloucester Antiques Centre for the moment and others are in stock back at base. We have various RAC and AA badges through the years as well as some for specific marques or clubs.

Motor Sport fans should not feel neglected. Although we are listing a lot of more general automotive items along with the aviation and railway stocks, there are motor racing items coming through. We have just listed Mario Andretti’s biography and an have a couple more scarce titles coming along, so keep looking in.

As we are not sure when, or if, Gloucester Antiques Centre will re-open we are looking more closely at the option to open an on-line store. This has been on our minds for a while, but the amount of effort that we put into looking at centres before deciding on Gloucester and then on setting up and promoting that, meant that we didn’t have the time to really look at what is available. GAC’s closure has forced our hand a little and we feel that an outlet other than eBay where people can look at items for sale on line would be a good thing.

Watch this space as always, and thanks for all your support.

eBay Store


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