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more #F1 rule change musings, only this time we’re not joking

The FIA claim that they want to reduce the cost of F1, but how serious about this are they? The new rules for 2014 are supposed to be another step towards this, but we don’t believe that there is enough being done to truly cap costs.
If there is a genuine desire to reduce cost in F1 then why not limit the amount of personnel that teams can take to the races? If there was a cap on how many people that you could you could have at the circuit then there is the reduction in salary and transport costs for a start. This could also limit the pit stop team where you could say have only three guys over the wall for the wheel change; one on the jack and two either taking one side of the car each or choosing to double up per wheel. It would see the end of the sub 3 second pit stop, but so what? With pit stops more chancy the strategy model just changes.
Limiting the people at the track is one step, but if you then take away all communication between the pit box and the outside world then you do away with the team back at HQ running variation simulations to help the trackside outfit and there is another big saving in resource. Having less people at the track might mean less complex systems so as to make the cars manageable by the permitted number of engineers, but is that a problem? Surely that too saves cost.
Unlike a couple of recent rule change concepts here this one is not a spoof, it is a genuine suggestion. Limiting the number of bodies that the team can take has to reduce costs and the transport savings alone add up to a decent environmental saving too. This idea could be easily be policed and managed too unlike some of the rule changes.


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