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news from the DriverJohn store

We are just back from another Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage. If you’ve not been yet do try and come along to the UK’s best preserved WW2 bomber station and see what they have to offer at this award winning heritage site. The next Scramble is on October 2nd and you can find us there in our regular spot in the Transport Yard.

Other news is that we are working on a new look for the web site and the key to that will be a new logo. That is under discussion with a number of people and we plan to choose who we will be working with by the end of this month so that we can get the new look up and running before the end of the year.

We are trying to keep up with listing new stock onto the eBay store and, as always, to keep a wide range of interesting items so suit all pockets and interests. Have a look at what we have and if you can’t see what you want do drop us a line and ask.

Thanks for stopping by.


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