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on Vettel

Out of the car he seems a good guy; family man, keeps himself to himself, good sense of humour and all that, but strap him into the racing car and a switch seems to flick over and you can’t be sure which of two Sebs you are going to get.

There is no doubt that he is one of the best of his generation and four world titles on the bounce do not come easily. In his Red Bull days that one lap at the end of Q3 to grab pole seems almost inevitable and that is the mark of someone very special. It is also the mark of someone ruthless and whilst you can be ruthless, but fair, that is not always the Vettel way.

Barging into Hamilton a couple of weeks back was one of those moments when the red mist had descended and there was no sense of reason. it has been there for some time too as various incidents over the time he has been in F1 show; the moment when he turned into Webber and took them both out of contention, the Multi 2-1 debacle and so on. Seb is right and everyone else is wrong. Consider his bad grace in the post race conference in Austria. It would have been better to have accepted that Bottas has aced the start and given him some kudos, but no, he had to say that he didn’t believe the technology. The look that Bottas gave him spoke volumes.

He is so good that he doesn’t need all of these mad moments and if he were to relax and just get on with it he could be even better, but there seems to be an increasing desparation about him. Maybe the pressure at Ferrari isn’t helping, or that he misses the calming influence of Christian Horner?

It might make good press and help sell tickets or TV subscriptions, but I would prefer it if he would just get on with racing the car and showing just how goo he really is at the art of grand prix driving.


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