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Dan Gurney

It was just over a week ago that I found a group on Facebook celebrating Dan and his AAR team. It was a closed group and I applied to join, mentioning that I had been a Dan fan since the sixties. The next day I received a welcome message from the group, but within days came the news that we had lost Dan.

I don’t have a specific memory of when I first became aware of him. My motor sport interests had flickered into life at the end on the nineteen-fifties, but burst into life when I inherited an Airfix slot car set and accessories from my brother-in-law. One of the cars in the set was the Porsche 908 that Dan had won the 1962 French grand prix with so that must be a contender, but I can’t be sure.

Part of the reason for my uncertainty is that he did so much; tin tops, sports cars, F1 and Indy as, of course, did many of his contemporaries, but it was most likely to have been through slot car racing for that was where most of my pocket money went in those days and I do remember building a model of his NASCAR Galaxy to run at my local slot car club in 1966 and the Lola T70 I ran in ’67 was in AAR colours. It shouldn’t take much imagination to work out what my F1 slot car was that year either, but if you need a clue its big brother won the Belgian GP that season.

I didn’t get to meet Dan. The nearest I came to speaking to him was at Homestead in around 1997 at the Indycar event, but whilst I did get to speak to Mario, Dan I missed as I worked the garage area on the morning of the race. Now he is gone, but for those of us who were around in the years that he was racing and later running his team we have so many memories.

Dan Gurney; racer, inovator, gentleman. RIP

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