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Fairs and shows 2020

We have, for the time being, decided not to do any shows or events this year. They take a lot of effort and whilst we enjoy meeting people and chatting almost as much as we like selling we would rather devote the time and money to other things.

So this year we will be looking at our on-line presence as we know that things have not gone well since our web hosting provider changed hands. We will be looking at getting the Amazon book store back up and running and focusing a bit more effort on buying in things that fit better with our eBay store. We also want to develop the space that we have at Cirencester Antiques Centre.

That should see us through 2020 and maybe we can look at resuming some of our show appearances. Certainly we intend visiting a few events as buyers and to check them out for their potential for us to take a stand there.


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