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Weekend roundup 8 August 2010 #NASCAR #Indycar #DTM

A good run for the Mercedes armada with a 1-2-3 in the #DTM and another good result for Bruno Spengler. A good shot for the title this year maybe? As an Ingolstadt fan I’m cheering for the wrong team here, but I’m more of a fan of the three pointed star drivers.

Over at Watkins Glen #NASCAR some good news for a few of my favourites. JPM got a good win, Marcus Ambrose I would also have been happy to see win, but third isn’t too bad, and the double M moved into 12th in the standings. He’s has a quiet year in 2010 compared to last, but I’d like to see him make the chase. So three good blokes there, but what is it with mad, bad Boris? The guy has talent, so why does he drive like an animal? The first time I saw him was in a truck race at Sonoma (when it still was) back in the second truck season (or was it the first? Whatever). He had a braging match, lost out then waited at the side of the track for the pack to come round and T-boned his adversary off the track. Lunacy. Why they didn’t park him for a long spell then I could never work out, but there you go. Well done Smoke for putting into the wall. Driving standards do generally seem to be falling as I’ve said in earlier blogs, especially with re-starts. These guys get paid a fortune; can’t they actually manage to drive a few laps without hitting each other?

Across to Mid Ohio for the #Indycars. Seven poles so far this year for Will Power, and a good second in the race, putting Dario under pressure, but thinking about the championship lead and not doing anything stupid. A good run for Simona de Silvestro too.

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