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Say no to Rome – I’m backing Monza

The Italian Grand Prix belongs to Monza, end of story. Any possible talk of alternative venues should be swiftly stamped on, so I’m adding my voice, for what it’s worth, to the argument.

Yes, I’m also happy with a San Marino GP at Imola. For me that’s a different story and I’d love to see that race back on the calendar, but a Rome GP? They used to have one of those for F2 at Vallelunga (see below), so if they want another one, redevelop that track and hold it there. We don’t need a street race in Rome.

More on the subject from my friends over at Paddock Talk and here is a nice film clip by Roy Pagliacci from the 1971 F2 Rome GP at Vallelunga


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  1. Ah, the glory days of F2. And F3 come to that. We’ll not see their like again. Tempus Fugit and all that, but there was always something magical about reading of the F2 and F3 biys adventures at places like Vallelunga.

    You’re right about Monza of course. We couldn’t possibly take an Italian Grand Priox seriously if it wasn’t at Monza. Bloody Bernie and his money grabbing again I suppose. About time we retired him. He’s done a good job in so many ways, but all these stupid new venues are taking us away from the roots of the sport.

    I’m with you; say No to Rome.

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