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Weekend roundup 12 September 2010 #F1 #NASCAR

#F1 #Italian GP On the limit the whole way, and good to see the top three so close. Personally I’d have rather seen the Frome Flyer win it, but there you go. Shame about Lewis; not just the accident, but for the inane questions when he was in terviewed. Great tracks make great races, so let’s keep the race here at Monza where it deserves to be.

Rumours that Nick Heidfeld could be back soon. It would be good to see him make a return, but hopefully not at the expense of anyone deserving our their own place.

#NASCAR. Well, it’s all over for the #5 car as far as the chase is concerned, so my interest has pretty much gone. I think that the chase is a bad thing anyway and would love to see it go. I’ll still watch the races on TV while I’m over in the US for a bit, and hope that MM can get the #5 a win or two before the end of the year. If I have to take an interest in the chase it would be to see The Kid get another title; hopefully the #48 will let someone else have a turn this year and I’d be OK with Smoke picking one up, or maybe Burton or Bowyer winning one. Hell; anyone but the Busch Boys.

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