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Weekend round up – 4 October 2010 #NASCAR #Indycar

NASCAR The Biff wins in Kansas and the #48 comes away with the points lead. What is it with the Shrub? Like big brother he thinks nothing of shoving people aside when he wants to, then gets all mouthy when soemone hits him back. What a wimp. Pretty poor effort at retaliation by Rootie though; should have put him properly into the wall.

Indycar – So Dario¬†steals the title at the last race for the second year in a row. Glad I didn’t go down to Homestead after all really as I was so hopeful of WP winning the title in his first full season, but not to be. Oh well; it hasn’t been a bad year for him. Good run for Danica to second, muscling out team mate Tony Kanaan right at the finish.


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