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Weekend round up 17 October 2010 #NASCAR #DTM #F1

#NASCAR A good weekend for just outside the chase Jamie McMurray with a great win. JJ still looking strong for a 5th title on the run though – unprecedented, but would you bet against the#48 car and crew? Will we see the title decided before Homestead?

Danica doing well at Charlotte in the Nationwide and will be staring off 2011 with another part time programme. The lady has the talent, you only have to look at her Indycar record.

On the subject of NASCAR I can recommend Humpy Wheeler’s book Growing Up NASCAR as well worth a read. Packed full of stories, many hillarious. I loved it.

#DTM Di Resta puts up a hat trick. The boy is doing well, and has the series lead now with Bruno having retired at Hockenheim. Fingers crossed for him to take the title. Also great news that BMW will be back with an M3 based contender. The DTM is a fantastic series now and can only benefit from this move.

#F1 off to Korea next time out. Another new market, but will we see packed grand stands or is this just another case of a fat wallet talking? I haven’t looked at the track layout as yet, but we really need circuits that will give us the chance of a competitive race rather than a procession. If Bernie wants to plunder these dollars he ought, at least, to give us the chance of a decent race. After all, he’s depending on the TV coverage being worth watching. Indy gave the USA a good track for overtaking, but we’ve lost that and now have this plan for a new track in Texas. Good for them if they come up with something, but I’d like to see the US GP back at Indianapolis; it’s a classic venue with all the right credentials.


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