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#webbogate – the Webber/Rosberg crash at the #KoreanGP #F1

So did Mark Webber really try to take out some championship rivals when he dropped it and ruined his own race at the #koreangp?

It may, at first, seem strange that he didn’t seem to try and stop the car when it slid along the wall, but would he risk his own well being by allowing the car to become an obstruction? Come on boys and girls; think about it. That was a pretty quick part of the track and he was sideways across it with a real change of taking a hit amidships. Not a great idea is it?

When he lost it the back end came round and he slid across the track into the opposite wall sustaining obvious race ending damage. The car slid a little way on the wet grass where the brakes would not have had any effect, and then it snapped round and speared across the track. At that point if the brakes had worked, assuming that there was much braking effect on a car with one side wrecked and the front wheel on the other side up in the air, they would have stopped the car broadside in the middle of the esses.

That would have been a stupid place to park from a viewpoint of personal safety but, with the momentum that the car had, the safety of the verge on the other side was getting closer, so why not let it run to there? Yes there was a risk of getting clouted, but that was diminishing as the car rolled. He just didn’t make it and Rosberg paid the price which was a shame as I reckon, as I said in my round up Sunday night, that he would have won the race.

In my view Webbo was caught out when the car snapped off the wall and shot across the track. He was just a passenger at that point and, having gone that way, needed to let the car get to the other side and out of the way before trying to stop it.

So did he deliberately try to crash someone? Of course he didn’t. Case dismissed.


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