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Weekend round up – 14 November 2010 #NASCAR #F1

#NASCAR Well done Todd Bodine on a second truck title. Families likes the Bodines are part of the backbone of racing. Over at the duel in the desert, the Spring Cup rumbles towards a conclusion with just 15 points between the top two and three possible winners. Roll on next week.

#F1 Well, it’s all over for another year. It would be nice if the title could go down to the wire at one of the classic circuits rather than a glorified slot car track, but never mind. “Watta mistake-a to make-a” as Bertorelli used to put it in ‘Allo ‘Allo as Ferarri make amends for the Hockenheim team orders issue by covering Webbo and spoiling Alonso’s chances. Some you win, some you lose. Easy to be right after the fact.

Having said that, the Mineral Water Kid deserved the title with 5 good wins, so no arguments there, and a good result for the sport. Also good to see the McLarens back on form.

Nice also to see Petrov do well. The lad has had a traumatic season, but is learning the ropes and has the right to be on the grid. He had Alonso welll covered for two thirds of the race and that is pressure.

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