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weekend round up 20th February 2011 #NASCAR #F1

#NASCAR – Really great to see the Wood Brothers having something to celebrate once again and well done to young Trevor for holding his nerve on that last lap. Once again though, why is it that NASCAR’s finest can’t drive round without wrecking? A record number of cautions the man said last night. You’ve read my thoughts here; park ’em for the next race if they wreck someone (and why not just park the#18 every third race just for the sake of it – he’d probably deserve it anyway). Well done also last night to the Double M in the #5 – coming back from the big one and two laps down. That, and seeing the #21 in victory lane again, cheered me up a bit. It’s been a long winter, but we’re racing again.

#F1 – This isn’t the place for politics (I write about those elsewhere), but the middle east situation is changing before our eyes. The unrest in Bahrain could result in a bloodbath if the GP goes ahead as scheduled and no-one wants to see that happen. To at least postpone it would make sense.


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