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button, mclaren, brawn & mercedes

Reading on the Autosport website that MSC says expectations have not been met at Mercedes GP rather make Jensen Button’s decision to move to McLaren after his championship year seem positively inspired.

Since the move he has won three more GPs and been on the podium on a regular basis when the team he left behind have just settled as second division runners most of the while.

At the time it looked like a stupid move. Leaving the team that had won both titles to move in with his predecessor as World Champion in a team that had been built around that lad seemed an act of supreme folly they said. But JB is made of strong stuff and he has gone on the establish himself at McLaren. Yes, Lewis is quicker a lot of the time, but JB shows real guile come race day and on days like last Sunday in Canada he shows that he can really race and make good use of a car and conditions.

Going to McLaren was probably the best move he could have made at the time and to hear that he is in line for a contract extension is both good news and well deserved.


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