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weekend round up – 14th August 2011 – #NASCAR #IndyCar

#IndyCar – a bit of a cock up with the green flag in New Hampshire was fortunately without injury and the right thing was done by calling the result on the previous lap’s running order. Sometimes what you think is the right thing goes belly up on you. Well done to RHR on his win, and the title race closes up again as Dario went out early and the Toowwomba Kid got 5th in the mellee.

#NASCAR – Rain mucked up Sunday’s action at The Glen completely, and more good news for the Aussie contingent as Marcus Ambrose wins one for The King. Great to see him get the win that he has deserved for a while, and good also to see both Petty cars in the top ten with the Dinger backing up the Digger.

A shame that one of the idiot Busch boys had to punt the Dinger off, especially as he was running a lap down at the time and should have kept out of the way. Maybe he mistook the #43 for the #48? And talking of idiots, the animal Said was in the  middle of the nasty shunt for Rooti.



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