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weekend round up – 11th September 2011 #NASCAR #F1

#NASCAR So the chase is set with Harvick taking the win at Richmond. Most of our favorites missed the cut, and our opinion of the chase as a waste of time has been made clear here before. Wer’re hoping Mark Martin or JPM can win one from here on in, maybe see The Dinger win his first and to not see either of the Ugly Brothers in victory lane! Roll on next week.

#F1 A shame that the McLarens got stuck behind others at the start as either of them could have won it. We can recall Lewis saying in his debut year that he would have liked to have gone up against MSC, well he got that wish on Sunday didn’t he? Maybe if he hadn’t had such a rough ride with the stewards this season we might have had a real wheel banging session, but Lewis just didn’t seem to really want it and, having lost time with one half hearted effort, he had to watch JB sail by and nail Schumi first go. Such is life. Great track, great crowd. Why are you messing around with these slot car track venues Bernie? Oh yes, they pay lots of money. A shame; it used to be a sport.


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