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Weekend round up – 25th September 2011 #F1 #NASCAR

#F1 Fairly inevitable winner, but perhaps JB’s second place wasn’t on the cards after practice. Lewis was really very unlucky with the Massa contact and the drive through was possibly underserved. MSC was equally unlucky we think with the contact that took him out of the race. Back markers were a problem and there are a few guys out there who show their inexperience, but the stewards decision is final and that is that.

The Singapore organisers are apparently considering whether or not to continue the event. Here at MSM we would not be sorry to see it go. Leaving aside DJ’s opposition to the night race, it is not a great circuit and we would rather see the race at a decent venue.

#NASCAR was back in New Hampshire where Ryan Newman followed up his team owner’s win last week with pole, but in another fuel mileage decided race it was Smoke in the #14 who pulled off a second straight win and takes a 7 point lead into the Monster Mile.

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