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Weekend round up – 9th October 2011 – #F1 #NASCAR

#F1 – A great win for Jensen Button doing it in the style of Fangio and Stewart in winning at the slowest speed, managing his tyres and fuel to win by enough. Congrats also to a worthy double champ, and to MSC for leading a GP again. On the subject of MSC, chatting with other fans at the weekend the view was that Nico had blown him away again this year, but there are only 3 points between them in the title race.

Regular readers may also recal that we were critical of Renault for letting Nick H go, and it is only now that Petrov has overtaken his points haul. As for his replacement,? We’ve nothing to day.

#NASCAR – Last week we made the point that the #48 was back and bad, and yesterday he won to move within a sniff of the points lead. You can’t rule him out, or at least, you can’t rule him out because of the dumb Chase format.


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