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Weekend round up – 23 October 2011 #DTM #NASCAR

#DTM Jamie Green close out the season with a win at and Miquel Molina follows up a good back end to the season with a second pole position and third place in the race. Looking forward to next year and the return of BMW.

#NASCAR Mark Martin still has it with a pole position, but problems related to that final caution dropped him back and robbed Jeff Gordon of a drafting partner. Problems for both Ugly Brothers cheered us up here as did the top three at the finish. Good to see Clint win one as his time at RCR runs out, great to see Jeff Burton a close second, and also great to see Dave Blaney pick up a good result.

Interesting stuff about the #48 car and that radio transmission. Oops!

Martinsville next weekend. Always a tight one. Where will Smoke end up? We don’t think that his season is anywhere near done yet.

#Marco – We don’t usually mention the blokes who race with only half the required number of wheels here, but sseveral of our favourite drivers of old started on bikes and we have a huge respect for those guys. So it was sad to hear that they had a tragic weekend and lost one of the promising younger riders. RIP Marco.

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