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Weekend round up 30th October 2011 #NASCAR #F1

#NASCAR – Rain washed out qualifying at Martinsville so the grid was set on owner points putting all the Chase boys at the front. As for the outcome of the race, well, what did we say last week about Smoke? He only goes and pulls of a last ditch win going around the outside of the #48 after the final caution to win it having not really featured too much up until then. All credit to JJ for racing him clean on a night when a lot of others didn’t. Another bad day at the office for the Ugly Brothers, but Carl Edwards kept out of trouble and nailed ninth with a car that wasn’t worth it, and so he stays just 8 points up on the #14 car as we head to Texas.

Three wins in the Chase for Smoke and the #14 crew now; so who’s title will this one be?

#F1 – The inaugural Indian GP wasn’t a classic, but once again JB was able to keep Seb honest if not getting too close. Good to see a new circuit that does allow overtaking and also to see a big and enthusiastic crowd. Once again HK did Lotus proud with a solid finish and also well done to Narain for a decent run in the HRT. Webbo wasn’t quite able to get by Alfonso in the end, and so the podium really reflected the best three out there at the moment. As for the Lewis and Felipe show! Here we fee that the penalty was harsh; the guy was never going to have turned in on another car on purpose for goodness sake and Lewis wasn’t right alongside. Both guys are having problems as we said the other week, and their performance levels put them close on the track, so the chances for contact are all too real. Hopefully they’ll get over it soon.


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