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Weekend round up – 13th November 2011 #NASCAR #F1

#NASCAR – Fun in Phoenix on the re-modelled track. Pleased to see Aric on pole for the NNS, but sorry that he got taken out in that big wreck when it looked like he was on for a decent finish. Still has a shot at 3rd in the title race though. Another favourite is FrontRowJoe and he too ran well enough. Also good to see Morgan Shep still lapping away out there. He was another to get caught up in the wreck that ended Aric’s chances and we hope that it didn’t hurt too much at his age.

Nice to See Sideways Sam get a win at last. The guy is a better driver than his results have maybe shown and we hope that this might be enough to help him find a full time next season; it’s the right time of year to be leaving an impression with sponsors.

In Sprint Cup, good also to see the #43 on the front row once more: Just like old times. In the race the #14 and the #99 seemed tied together again this time finishing 2-3 with Carl ahead and taking a 3 point lead into Homestead. The Dinger brought the #43 home to a good finish after swapping pit crews for the last 2 stops and a top 10 for Rooti will hopefully keep him in people’s minds for a decent ride in 2012.

#F1 – Where does Seb get these last minute laps from? Yet another one pulled out of the bag for pole. We were going to say that he was driving the wheels off that Red Bull, but he was only driving one tyre off as it turned out. Exit one Red Bull from the race and Lewis had the measure of Alfonso even if he couldn’t afford to relax. In the race for third JB did well to overcome technical problems to come in for that last spot at the press confernce and take a 10 point cushion into the finale.

Force India had a good day with both cars in the points as the battle for the second division runs down.  Barring something dramatic happening they should be able to retain that 6th spot in the constructor’s race. Is the lack of driver decisions a clumsy attempt to motivate the current drivers? Who knows.


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