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Weekend round up 27th November 2011#NASCAR #F1

#NASCAR – well, the season may have ended, but the grace with which Carl Edwards accepted defeat was not reflected in the actions of the Elder Shrub. Once again there was a demonstration of why we don’t like this pair; they may be decent drivers, but they are a long way short on personal skills. Yes he was frustrated by an early equipment failure, but his team, sponsors and fans do not need to encounter that sort of behavior.

And so we again find a sponsor wishing to disassociate themselves from their driver. Penske Racing is a class act, built on the foundations of RP and Mark Donahue, and KB senior might like to to consider how his actions at Homestead are a grave dishonour to the memory of Mark.

#F1 – The Brazilian GP passes without a Hamiliton/Massa incident, albeit that it looked like one mught have been on the cards before Lewis gave up with mechanical problems, and it was nice to see that he went over to Ferrari after the race to make peace. Good to see Webbo add another win, even if it was slightly gifted. JB nailed second overall for the season as we thought that he would and Force India and Lotus (or Caterham as we’re going to call them next year) inked in 6th and 10th respectively in the constructor’s title.

But little news on who goes where for the teams that have not settled their line ups. Seems odd to have so many potential vacancies with the season over, although we know that Charles Pic will join the famous Irish driver Tim O’Glock at Marussia Virgin next year. It will be a shame if the Barra Boy is out of F1 after such a poor showing at home. The home fans didn’t have much to cheer about with Senna making a complete cods off it and Massa handicapped by a poor qualifying maybe. Still, they enjoyed his doughnuts after the race.

That is it for our weekend round ups for a while, but we will try and post at least weekly with news and views and we have a few articles almost complete that we need to dust off and publish here. Thanks for all the support,


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