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Weekend roundup – 18th March 2012 #F1 #NASCAR

#F1 – Well, the BS is over and JB had the first win of the season from second on the grid with team mate Lewis taking pole and third in the race having had some bad luck with lapped traffic after one pit stop and losing out over the safety car. Also on the bad luck list was Romain Grosjean, punted off by the Pastor who them had his own bad luck to drop the lot on the last lap and lose out on what should have been a fine sixth for Williams. The Iceman didn’t do too badly on his comeback enjoying a bit of a punch up with the rest of the second division.

As per my personal boycott I didn’t watch the TV coverage, settling instead for following the race on Twitter. Did I regret the decision? Only in missing out on the Qantas 747 mowing the grass, as for the rest, those who want it are welcome. I’ll watch F1 on Speed if I’m in the US this year, but that will be it; the BBC and Sky coverage can do without me.

#NASCAR – Over at Bristol BK picked up a fine win for Penske and Dodge with AJ doing well for a while in the sister car. A great result for #MWR with third through fifth pursued by a flotilla of half a dozen  Chevys from Earnhardt Gannassi, Childress and Hendrick.

Oh and spare a thought for Nelson Jnr getting his first NASCAR win. It may have been in a regional series, but a win on a high banked short track is a win to savour.


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