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are #NASCAR getting advice from professional wrestling?

So the next non-points race will be 4 twenty laps segments and a ten lap shootout. What is the point of all that?

If the real race is a ten lapper then run a ten lapper; why waste everyone’s time and effort with what is effectively four qualifying heats?

Maybe I’m just an old purist, but I’m not going to apologise for that. To me the whole thing is about as real as watching professional wrestling; it might be fun for the kids, but it isn’t true sports.

NASCAR should be about racing, and if we are going to have a 70 lap event then run a straight 70 lap race. All of this pandering to creating artifical excitement is killing what racing should be about.

So, once again, I’ll not be paying any attention to the non points race. For me that desrciption sums it up; it’s just a pointless event.


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