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Weekend round up – 21st May 2012 #DTM #IndyCar#F1 #NASCAR

#F1 Interesting that Red Bull’s owner thinks that the start to the 2012 season with 5 different winners in as many races might put people off; the opposite was reckoned to be the case when Schumi was winning everything in sight and being accused of making the show boring. We’re very happy here that the results have been so varied and that we have such a competitive series (we’d be happier still if JB was waltzing off into the distance with 5 wins out of 5, but that’s just us).

Ron Howard is making a film about the ’76 F1 season and the build up of rivalry between Hunt and Lauda over the period ’73 to ’76. He says that it is a drama not a documentary. Well that’s fine with us and we’re sure that Rush will make money at the box office, but not from us because we were there for the real deal and can’t see how any sort of film around those events might be of any interest. For us the drama was in the way that the ’76 season unfolded, and we’d seen the main participants in F3 and F2 as they made their way up (heck, we’d even seen Lauda in FVee). We were there at Monaco in 1973 when James made his GP debut, seen the Race of Champions and International Trophy encounters and were there at Brands in 1976 for that GP. Who needs a Hollywood version when you were part of the real story? For similar reasons we haven’t watched the film about that Brazilian bloke who shoved people off the track either.

#DTM showed up in Kent for the annual visit to Brands Hatch, scene of one of the key dramas in ’76. These sophisticated tin tops put on a great show around Brands and are well worth watching. This season the DTM is shaping up well with the extra presence of BMW and helping to keep this as one of the premier touring cars series in the world.

#IndyCar rolls on with the rookie tests and general practice giving way to qualifying and bump day. All of the usual suspects up the front end of the grid, but a worrying gap in speed to the back. Race speeds will be lower of course, but the leaders could find themselves lapping tail enders within 10 laps.

It will be an interesting race as the drivers and teams learn to cope with the new cars on a long day and changing track conditions. The winner will probably come from one of the big three teams, but there is always room for a surprise.

#NASCAR had the All Star Race at Charlotte, but this is just a waste of a race weekend for us. The #48 team got the big money, but there was a lot of fan protest about the new format and the way that it favoured the segment winners. If it was down to us it would be a straight race over the same distance with no gimmicks.

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