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#F1 Silly Season

So we know that Lewis has gone to team up with his old karting mate Nico at Mercedes and that Sergio will replace him at McLaren next year. With the Hamilton saga finally over, so far, so good, but what next?

Williams would be daft to get rid of Pastor, but Senna is expendable, Massa could be facing the axe at Ferrari, the Force India boys are both attractive possibilities for other teams and the Torro Rosso guys need to watch their backs given how they got their rides in the first place. Sauber are in no hurry to name a replacement for Sergio, but MSC started his big time career with them in sports cars and his people have allegedly been in discussion with them.

Lotus seem settled with their pair, but down the back end the positions are fluid with the second division teams. Caterham will rightly keep HK, but Vitaly might find himself under pressure and all of the remaining seats at the back could change bottoms.

So there is still much to be decided as we head into the last few races of the season. As to the title race, well our money is on Fernando.


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