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#F1 silly season re-visited

In the wake of the Korean GP and another good drive by Felipe Massa we hear that Ferrari are to retain him for 2013 and good for both sides. He’s a decent bloke and a decent driver so it’s good to have him confirmed for next year and Fernando has him firmly where he wants him having taken the team by the scruff of its neck very much as Michael did. On the other hand there is Nico Hulkenberg.

Rumours that the Incredible Hulk has signed for Sauber abound, even if they are not yet confirmed. Some are asking why he is leaving one midfield outfit for another, but he could be making a very wise move.

Just how good is that Sauber? Is it flattering its current pilots and how might it go for a driver of proven talent? With the Hulk on board we should get a benchmark and if it is a really decent beast he could be in clover.

Equally there are rumours around Force India. Kingfisher Airlines have financial issues and could it be that the team might be affected in due course? At the time of writing we do not have confirmation of the 2013 driver line up Chez Sauber, but if the Hulk has gone over it could look like a very good move indeed.

Time will tell.


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