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whose turn next for pantomime villain? #F1

Earlier this year we had Pastor Maldonado cast in the role of the man in the black cloak, twirling his moustache whilst casting F1’s poor virgins out into the snow, chaining them to the railroad tracks or just punting them off into the boondocks, but now it is Romain Grosjean who has inherited the mantle.

Earlier this year, while Pastor was the subject of all the pointing fingers Romain was looking somewhat racey, making Kimi look nothing special and putting himself in a position to deliver a win for the black and gold cars with only some bad luck and an unreliable Lotus holding him back.

But then it all started to go wrong for the Frenchman and the Venezuelan was able to pass on the “Man they Love to Hate” role, and, had it not been for some of the bad luck and unreliability issues Pastor would have had a few more points in the bag before Suzuka. Is it co-incidence that the loss of his villain status helped a return to form?

Over the seasons there has always been a need amongst the media to have a man in black and last year we had Lewis and Felipe, two guys with a host of problems of their own, but seemingly unable to be in proximity on the track without driving into each other to keep the pundits in business.

Romain is a good enough driver to come through this, and we here wish him well. His results will start to come again and he will be able to hand on the mantle, so who will be the next F1 villain?


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