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Lewis has done the right thing moving from McLaren #F1

Lewis did the right thing to leave McLaren and should be able to do so with his head held high. All this media nonsense about him having let McLaren down is just that; nonsense.

Yes he was a team sponsored driver for a long time through the junior formulae, but the team was McLaren Mercedes and he has more than repaid any loyalty that may have accrued. In any case he is moving to the other F1 team run by his current engine supplier.

Just as Jenson was right to move to McLaren as World Champion in 2010 and leave behind Brawn when they were about to become Mercedes GP because of the need to challenge himself, so is Lewis right to move the other way at this stage of career.

We all need to push ourselves if we are to thrive and for top sports people the challenge is paramount. At McLaren he was stagnating, or showing signs of it at least. The frustrations of the last couple of years had put a strain on the relationship and somehow the gloss seemed to have come off the relationship. It was time to move on for both sides

He is in his prime years as a driver and the chance to go and work with a new team, one of the top car guys in the shape of Ross Brawn and with the familiarity of Norbert Haug around gives him a chance. He will also face off with old karting partner Nico Rosberg which can only be good for both of them.

It is a good move for F1 as well. Change has to happen and with Lewis going to Mercedes, Sergio replacing him at McLaren and a  spare seat emerging now that Michael has called time again we have some renewed interest to fire up the fans.

No, Lewis has made the right move for him and it does him credit that he has made it. Well done that man.


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