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Musings on Jeremy Clarkson and the lastest Top Gear news #BBC

Trial by social media is a fact of life in the modern world, at least in the one that we like to think of as being civilised, but is something of a misnomer as social media is no better that mob rule. Continue reading

Flavio to help improve the show? Eek! #F1 #NASCAR

News that the flamboyant Italian might be appointed to spice up F1 should send a shiver through the true fan, and not just because this is a man whose team was found guilty of race fixing. Continue reading

Nico & Lewis; pre Monaco race thoughts

The media are blowing up a storm over the Nico and Lewis post Q3 comments, but how much is reality and how much just the media trying to fill column inches?
Continue reading

more #F1 rule changes for 2014 – driver’s names

It has just been announced that all F1 drivers, in addition to having a standard number through their career will also now have the chance to choose a standard name by which they will be known. Continue reading

Gloucester Antiques Centre – an apology

Sorry if anyone has called in to see our stock at GAC over the last 10 days as we have found out this morning that the centre has been closed since the 19th August, apparently due to a lease dispute with the landlord. Continue reading

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