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Nico & Lewis; pre Monaco race thoughts

The media are blowing up a storm over the Nico and Lewis post Q3 comments, but how much is reality and how much just the media trying to fill column inches?

If Lewis really does have his panties in a twist then he is very silly; there is always a risk going for the banzai lap from the back of the queue. Sure Seb used to get away with it a lot, but the chances of someone having an off when they are trying to pull off their best lap are high and even more so at Monaco.

Over the last few races Lewis has been in a happy place with his mental game really together and allowing him to use all of his considerable skill behind the wheel, and he does seem to have had the racing edge over Nico, but talk over the last week has been of him playing mind games.

Maybe true, maybe just another media story, but if yesterday’s Q3 incident has affected him as much as the media seem to want to make out and, to a degree, the way his verbal and body language suggested, then maybe the happy place has gone.

We’ll know more in a few hours as this is being written a couple of hours or so before the race starts. Can Lewis focus, blast past at the start and dominate? Can he be patient, sit back and wait for Nico to stop then pull out enough to pass him via the pit stop window? Will he do a Senna and ram Nico off the track (as some of the media are implying that he has threatened)?

Too many people have a vested interest in controversy, from Bernie to the Bookies, and for those of us who just love the sport we should be able to rise above all this tosh. Hopefully Lewis will too.

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