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Canadian GP pre race musings #F1

Great to see the Williams cars up towards the front. They look great in their Martini livery and we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a podium finish tomorrow.

Over at Mercedes Nico put it over Lewis for pole, but that may only have significance in the minds of the two participants and it will be the race tomorrow that is really important. On a track where there is plenty of scope for overtaking the start will not be that critical as long as there is no pile up on that short run into the first turn we should be in for an interesting afternoon.

Down at Red Bull Seb finally found some form and maybe that will have silenced some of his critics. He may not be too likeable at times, but his skill should never have been in doubt.

As a final though it is good to know that the race has a new ten year deal although what the impact of a new pit complex will have on the layout remains to be seen. Let’s hope that they make a better job of it than Silverstone did because this is now one of the great tracks on the F1 calendar and we don’t want it spoiled.


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