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Where will Jenson Button be in 2015? #F1

OK so we’re speculating here, but

the news that there is no new contract for him is not a surprise at this stage of the season and may not be significant.

On the down side he is coming towards the end of his days in F1 and there are shiny new names coming through as well as one or two established aces that might be enticed across to replace him and the thought of Honda power coming back makes the Woking team an attractive proposition for any hot shoe seeking a drive. JB is also seen as being a Martin Whitmarsh man perhaps and there is the impression that Ron is not a huge fan. Recent rumours that Fernando or Lewis might come back are no more than that and possibly Kimi will get linked to a return to the fold will no doubt surface soon (if you don’t count this post as having started it). If you want another rumour then what about Seb? To move to another team and take a 5th title there would maybe vindicate his status as a true great so why not?

On the up side JB is still quick and a crafty racer and with the right car to sit in still has a few wins left in him. The is acknowledged as a great brand ambassador and has history with Honda so there is a lot of sense in keeping him in a McLaren for at least another year. Perhaps a good result this weekend in Canada will help his cause and remind a few people of the way he came from last to hunt down Seb and out-fumble him for the win on the last lap: That was in a McLaren…


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