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Felipe vs Checo and that penalty #F1

I had just glanced down at my iPad to check the live data feed and missed the initial contact instead just seeing Felipe slam into the wall.

Watching the replays it was another of those incidents like when Mark Webber got himself airborne in Valencia a while back whereby there was just an element of misjudgement and I didn’t feel that Sergio did anything wrong. He had been complaining of a lack of brakes for some laps and was likely to be slowing earlier whereas Felipe was charging and had a sniff of the podium.

I don’t think that Sergio moved over and don’t understand why he was penalised; if it wasn’t a racing accident as I first saw it then surely the responsibility lay with the guy behind not to drive into the bloke in front.

Presumably the stewards could see something that I couldn’t, but this was one of those calls that I can’t see any logic to.


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