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Great to see a Williams front row! #F1

Interesting times on our return to Austria with a new look to the front row of the grid for today’s race.

Well done the folks from Grove (our nearest F1 team about 20 miles down the road). Whilst Lewis may have had a nightmare Q3 (and possibly have screwed up Nico’s response to Felipe) it is good for the sport to see a bit of variety and here we have another good driver’s circuit. This one takes work to drive well as was seen with all of the times that were voided by off track excursions, especially at the penultimate corner.

How will the race turn out though? It will be interesting for sure and it would be nice if MAS or BOT could pull off a win here; for one it would be vindication for having been pushed aside from Ferrari, for the other it would be a second maiden F1 win in a row. Either would be good for the sport, so bring it on.


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