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standing re-starts in #F1 is yet another turn off

When a decision is made that you can see the sense of, see the benefit of, you are happy to support it, but some of the utterings from the FIA in recent times are just dumb.

We’ve already had the issuing of lifetime numbers to drivers where it might have made sense if they were going to build on it in some way, but nothing much has happened; even the drivers don’t seem to have caught on to the marketing opportunities that their NASCAR colleagues have used for some time.

Then we had the double points thing which almost everyone in the sport said they were against, but they did it anyway.

Now we have another raft of decisions, some of which make perfect sense, but in the middle of them is the standing re-start process, with a couple of exclusions, to commence next year. The drivers are against it on sporting and safety grounds and the FIA don’t appear to have given any explanation of why they are for it, but we’re going to have it regardless.

The whole safety car process is a race spoiler in most cases (see elsewhere amongst our posts here for our thoughts on how NASCAR manipulate results), but it is what it is and the rolling re-start works so why change it?

Just as we here had started to watch F1 again they find another turn off. What a bunch of plonkers.


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