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#F1 silly season is early; could it be due to global warming?

The silly season has come really early this year and whilst we may joke about it being another facet of global warming the reality is probably more simple.

Two key factors are at play and both centre on Woking where they will have a new engine supplier arriving in 2015 and they have a driver out of contract at the end of the year. Potentially this could be the ride to have and so there is bound to be speculation, but at this stage it is all just hot air.

McLaren are in no hurry to make a decision on driver line up and why should they be? Having a new engine is one thing, but it is no use without a decent chassis and they don’t have one of those yet. The two drivers they have are both worth their places and, if they had a good car they would both be winning races. Ron Dennis may be all sorts of things but you can’t knock his record as a team boss.

Woking holds the key to next year’s driver line up and all of the current hot air being blown may fill some column inches, but that is all it is. It may provide some entertainment and keep F1 in the public eye so perhaps it is no bad thing. It’s all puff though, so we’ll just have to wait and see later in the year.


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