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musings pre #BritishGP #F1

Oops! You didn’t mean to do that did you Lewis?

Not only did the clumsy attempt to screw up his team mate’s chances fail when Nico just got across the line to start a flying last lap, but baling out like that was a serious error as a few others proved.

With the Ferraris and the Williams starting from the back and the prospects of mixed weather tomorrow we should be in for some fun, but has Lewis screwed his chances? Not really for he has the fastest car and is one of the three fastest men on the track. OK one of those is starting in front of him, but with long straights and DRS Lewis should be up with Nico before the first pit stops and as long as he doesn’t do anything daft at the start he can still win the British Grand Prix.

A good effort from the Marussia’s and a shame that Max has to drop five spots on the grid and good to see JB starting third.


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