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BUT, GUT and SUT; more #F1 rule changes?

As a cost saving exercise and to reduce confusion another #F1 rule change is on the cards.

With the three letter driver abbreviations there are currently three ending in UT. To save costs on the variety of letters in use all drivers will run from the start of the 2015 season with codes ending UT.

The three current drivers, BUT, SUT and GUT will be allowed to keep there current designations, but to involve fans there will be a fan vote on the allocation of the remaining names. The phone in number will be announced shortly, but calls are expected to cost £5 per second and a 35 minute statement from My B Ecclestone will precede the options.

Some suggestions:

Maldonado – NUT (self explanatory)
Hamilton – FUT (his championship chances appear to have gone phut)
Grosjean – ZUT (French expletive)
Raikkonen – RUT (he’s in one)
Kobyashi – TUT (he’s crashed again)

Let’s hear you suggestions for the rest of the grid.


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