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what’s really wrong at McLaren part 2? #F1

Further to our post of a few weeks ago Big Ron has spoken again.

To be fair the media have blown what he said out of proportion, but the fact remains that it is a poor leader who will single out one individual for criticism when it is clear that there are far more inherent problems. As the person who Ron spoke of has said there is much that the team needs to do.

I do have some sympathy for Mr Dennis here though, for he had never been the most eloquent of men and that failing is a flaw in his leadership style. He had a tremendous record of success over the years and I can remember well the standards that Rondell Racing set in F2 over 40 years ago and then later the Project 3 years before Marlboro forced the marriage with McLaren. Look also at what he has achieved since, for McLaren’s F1 successes were modest and sporadic before Ron took the helm.

Until he fell foul of Super Max McLaren were a consistent top team and real racers too; if they hadn’t let Fernando and Lewis race each other into joint second one point down on Kimi that would have been another driver’s title in the bag

His prod at JB has been followed up by claims that he has done it to all of his drivers including a certain Brazilian whose name we don’t use here. That claim was refuted today on the BBC by DC, but it matters little. Ron Speak has gone down in legend, but it would be a shame if that was what he ends up being remembered for rather than what he has achieved.

Yes there are problems Chez McLaren, but you should bet on the being resolved and with a Honda in the back I would not be surprised to see them winning next year. Time will tell.


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