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musings on the #F1 #KoreanGP

Korea is behind us again and, from some of the comments on various pundit’s blogs and reports not too many are sad about that. Rightly so perhaps, because Korea does not seem too keen on the race.

There seemed to be a lot of spare seats in the grandstands, but that is not unusual at a number of the new races that Bernie has added in recent years and it will be a pleasure to get to India where there seems to be a genuine passion for motor racing. The track seems to be in the middle of some sort of industrial desert and, whilst it has some good features as a circuit, it has a couple of awful ones too.

The worst problems are the pit entry and exit where, at the former the location on an ess bend is ludicrous enough to have even had Mario Andretti criticising it on Twitter. How can you possibly allow the pit entry to be inside the racing line? It is common practice to penalise drivers for crossing the white line, but in Korea they all do it uncensored.

The pit exit is eqaually poorly situated where it feeds into the racing line between turns one and two. All pretty stupid really, but symptomatic of so many modern tracks at vanity project races.


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